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Key Tag : #savewebcams

We people have been always with deviant-art all the time, and we are happy to be a part of it, we love it.. But dont fail us by taking things we love, we people always love those funny random images they used to take from internet. Why taking out that awesome Widget? 

This is our way to protest, We want it back. We love it.. Until you people put it back. We wont use any premium features. and we wont buy any premium, If there is anyway to remove the premium we will do that too.

Instead of removing something we love, we would like to tell Deviant-art staffs that, give more time to find solutions to avoid unnecessary spams, control the bullies and harassment in better way.. what the fcuk is wrong with you? why making us sad?

NOTE: we expect you will remove this journal also.because that's the way how everything is working nowadays.

Whatever we don't care, we stay on truth.. we stay united. We love art world..

We are Artists are United #mrfartsinc #mrfarts #unitedartists #savewebcams

MrFarts Pokemon Challenge Entries + Free points

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 23, 2015, 11:49 AM

EDIT 2: COntest is going to end with in few days,  Please note your entries as soon as possible. Thanks
We Are really happy to see such a huge response from your part to participate in this challenge, Challenge is still open, we really love the creativity and imagination and effort you have put to bring out some awesome concept for our "mrfarts Pokemon challenge"

Contest is still Open and we are waiting for more entries. Draw Mrfarts Pokemon Challenge (Win 2000 points)Edit 2 :
Really surprised by the response from you people ^^ , We are extending our deadline to march 30th. so don't make your awesome Pokemon in a hurry. if you wanna do any change to already submitted entries just re-upload the original file ( same deviation link). we are amazed by some cool concept for Pokemon. Even our sweet team member Amy also trying one entry for her own :heart: hope you all are enjoying. Love you all. we are discussing to give more points to winners and participants.we will inform you.
Edit 1:
Its been a while since we did any contest, So here is our latest one.Win a lot of points and have a lot of fun.
What to do?
1) Create a new Pokemon with name Mrfarts, Go beyond your imagination, any medium you can use. See our front page to see our attempt too.
2) Upload the image in deviantart put it name "Mrfarts Pokemon challenge
add hashtags : #mrfarts  #mrfartspokemonchallenge #mrfartschallenge #mrfartsInc
3) Send it to
Good luck everybody, Love you all - Mrfarts, Inc.
Here is awesome Entries.Everybody will win 5 points each free , Just do the below
1) Select 3 best entries, copy their thumbnail here in comment, Also comment on that image and say why you love it
2) Comment #mrfartspokemonchallenge  in the comment section along with the thumbnail you paste.

Mrfarts Pokemon challenge. by Shippki#mrfartschallenge by TEEN-TITANS-8DMrfarts Pokemon challenge by 2Foxieh*** Challange entry *** Pokemon MrFarts by YinYangNeko02:Contest Entry: MeowNieon by LollipoppopXDMrfarts Pokemon challenge by Shadow-n-LightMrfarts Pokemon challenge by IshidaSadoMrFarts Pokemon Challenge by ScribbleHappyMrfarts pokemon challenge by musicpawwMrfarts Pokemon challenge by HellMagik666Mrfarts Pokemon Challenge by NikkiParx019MrFarts Pokemon Challenge by NarutoCryptMr Farts Pokemon! by HollyKBearMrfarts Pokemon challenge by Lys-Mily35MrFarts Pokemon Challenge by Gaze-the-wolfMrFarts Pokemon Challenge by Gist-the-foxMr Farts Pokemon by Phoenix-Galaxy1010Mrfarts Pokemon challenge by rhavendcMrfarts Pokemon challenge by WaCororiMrfarts Pokemon challenge by ExcaliTrainerMrFarts Pokemon Challenge by ScribbarooMrfarts pokemon challenge by LeafeonMadnessContest-MrFarts Pokemon Challenge by FyRosemr farts pokemon challenge by rocioxioMrfarts Pokemon Challenge by Non-Exist3ntMrFarts Pokemon Challenge  by Live-My-Waymrfartspokemonchallenge by AmarantheansMrfarts pokemon challenge by ssxionMrfarts Pokemon challenge by sharklover135Mrfarts Pokemon challenge by ZombieGLaDOSPonyMrFarts Pokemon Challenge by PinkCherryGirlMrfarts Pokemon Challenge by xXxSwiftxXxMrfarts Pokemon challenge entry by NightAngel-16For Mrfarts pokemon challenge by dinogirl39Pokemon by ItsinmybloodyouknowMrfarts Pokemon challenge by KashscintillaMrFarts Pokemon Chalenge My Submition by AngryDaisy16MrFarts Pokemon challenge by CoolioHorseMrfarts Pokemon challenge by LindarSamaMrfarts Pokemon challenge by Dusky15Mr.Farts pokemon challenge entry by AnnoyingRobinMrfarts Pokemon challenge by CookieTehKatMr farts Pokemon challenge! by ILOVETODRAW2244Mr. Farts Pokemon Challenge by Rainbowpaws1Mrfarts Pokemon Challenge by VideNoctuamMrfarts Pokemon challenge by AngelOShadowsMrfarts Pokemon Challenge by 5PETSNAZMrfarts Pokemon challenge by CrystalTheRenahogMr Farts by DiavolrTheThiefMRfarts Pokemon Challenge by LolWaresMrFarts Pokemon challenge by Retro-RandomMrfarts Pokemon challenge by cute-girle1999Mrfarts Pokemon challenge by HvanMrFarts Pokemon Challenge by MonochromeSludgeMr Farts Pokemon Challenge by ChangingHeartxxMrFarts Pokemon Challenge by MSchaos122MrFarts Pokemon Competition Entry. by Kitties-and-CreamMr.Farts Pokemon Challenge by Sarahdog2009For MrFarts Pokemon Challenge  by GaliSmurfTheDrawermrfarts  pokemon  challenge   by tigeryugiohfanMrfarts Pokemon challenge by RedilionMrFarts Pokemon challenge by Fuzzy-TigerMrfarts Pokemon challenge by Western-WindMrfarts Pokemon Challenge by WolfhundsMrFarts pokemon challenge by Fluffy-FlareMr Farts Pokemon Challenge  by mp3player8001Mrfarts Pokemon challenge by Random-DerpMRfarts pokemon challenge by keyace Mrfarts Pokemon challenge by Mimiloli55524

Human is part.....

Thu Mar 19, 2015, 8:53 AM
Tell you Opinion on below, I felt this as Awesome and So true. May be this will inspire you a little, because we felt the same too..

" Human is part DNA, part unknown and part what he/she sees as a kid "

DNA and last one we cant change, but that middle part ...the Unknown part. that we can change, that unknown is the hope,dream and Aim. so make that unknown known for you. and there you will succeed.

- This is an inspiration note we got yesterday. Thanks for being a part of mrfarts, Inc. and really helping in making artists United.

Tell you opinion and advices. lets grow up together with our wonderful opinions. Love you all - Mrfarts, Inc.

Fav like Candies......

Wed Mar 18, 2015, 9:23 AM
This is to inform you all about our Mrfarts,Inc Principles.We do fav like candies, yeah it means we love faving almost all things we like. it doesnt means we fav to get so much page views, we have enough love and care around us. ofcourse it helps us too, but we are happy that small artist get happy when someone popular fav their works, we have been getting a lot good response because of our favorite, and because of that we never stopped faving. Yeah we love faving... and sometimes, when time comes we will clear favorite section too. because we have to clear them. That doesnt means we dont like your work anymore. Complaint if we never helped you in supporting you...

Its sad that some people hate us whatever we do.. we are always accused of everything.. we dont know why.....

Do we have to be like those people who upload the images and count the favorites? is that what you love from mrfarts, Inc?  tell us please


Fri Mar 13, 2015, 11:51 AM
Don't know how to do this journal, we are confused, we are doing this because many of our friends told us to do it.we were never professionals , we were never serious.we were just a bunch of aimless hobbyists. we never thought we will meet this much people in our life ( we know our artworks, photographs everything is just average ). then what made us close to this many people? that is because we tried to interact with them. we tried to find depressed people, we found out a lot of depressed , suicidal, or other effected deviants. we tried to talk with them. we tried to know them more. and we trusted too much with out much knowledge, we always did edits for all our friends.we always do edits when we see some cool images around the deviant-art. that is what we still doing it. we admit we were less responsible for our actions before. we thought everything is just cool and just joy and happiness.and yeah its true that some people were misusing us our name our popularity. we are a bunch of normal people, just like you all with family,friends,BF's,GF's everything sweet. and its sad that when things got bad, many people left us.

May be we took people more close than how they took us, may be its good, may be its bad. we are still confused on the theme "people". but our whole idea is not artwork, its not photograph, its about a world where people can smile each other , helping each other because they all know them as an artist , its about a new world where artist are respected like doctors, engineers.. its about a new world that get united because of artist.may be we are just saying stupid thing here.

but whatever happens, we love people, we love artists, we love everything....... and we want to make everything more beautiful. Sorry if we hurted anybody in anyway. sorry if we hurted your feelings in anyway (through journals,comments or anywhere). Sorry if we did something wrong because of our immature nature, because of our stupidity.Because we are just kids when we started this deviantart just like most of you guys right now. thats is why we still favorite all things that we love.Because we know what it feel like to get inspired by someone.. we know what it feel like getting helped by someone. all because we got the same when we started.We are humans, and we all make mistakes, and we learn from mistakes. We love you all. we are united. love you all again and again.. and please forgive us if we hurted you. and if you are inactive please come back and join our hands to make this a better place. we promise we are gonna be only better with you guys around. Love you.. Forgive us.We need you all together with us with all your support and prayers.Lets make world more sweet.

we all die one day.... let it happen by loving this many people... :)

with lots of love - Mrfarts, Inc.

we are forwarding this journal to each of you personally,

:iconemimelon: :iconbaconette: :iconkasaryh: :icononyxride: :iconfumbleslovesbeastly: :iconzatsune-sama: :iconbloodplusrocks: :iconslowdog294: :iconmiyako-miku: :iconruugan: :iconangie-crystal-star: :iconcesmae22: :iconinfectedlobster: :iconbeelzezlover: :iconleopard-start: :icondark--miracles: :iconnekodeaththekid: :iconjonezjea: :iconmapleking: :iconmartytherabbit: :icon707cloud: :iconvampirekingdom: :iconnoctella1427: :iconnanasestar: :iconkittycat5678: :iconpastellights: :iconteaphotography: :iconmimimigigigi: :iconflyingiris: :iconxlostillusion: :iconelmerthewizard: :iconintoxicatingwords07: :iconray3k: :iconasamixd: :iconxexilia-the-bat: :icondarkdragon030: :iconwierkakita: :icondarkthehedge12: :icondrakitty: :iconspiritualitits: :icondavygmart58: :iconoobloodyravenoo: :iconivannabannana: :icons0ph14luvukn0w: :iconemobot999: :iconforevermittens: :iconunknown2528: :iconlovylovy123345: :iconilikesasori: :iconf4cexdown: :iconsome-guy-with-a-l85a: :icontlk-simba-sandslash: 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Friends always need help

Sun Mar 8, 2015, 11:52 AM
NOTE: You dont have to give points, this journal is only featuring this note, nothing to help him, we already did it :hug:
Capture by MrFarts
This is not to show you that we are giving out points or prove anything, but this note is little different than usual notes that ask points, this is a perfect example on how we friends can help each other.really liked the way he asked the points, that's why sharing it :) not sharing his name though. everybody have a nice day.

HOPE you all are participating in #mrfartspokemonchallenge  Goodluck. Love you all - Mrfarts, Inc.

  • Mood: Joy
Edit 2 :
Really surprised by the response from you people ^^ , We are extending our deadline to march 30th. so don't make your awesome Pokemon in a hurry. if you wanna do any change to already submitted entries just re-upload the original file ( same deviation link). we are amazed by some cool concept for Pokemon. Even our sweet team member Amy also trying one entry for her own :heart: hope you all are enjoying. Love you all. we are discussing to give more points to winners and participants.we will inform you.

Edit 1:
Its been a while since we did any contest, So here is our latest one.Win a lot of points and have a lot of fun.
What to do?
1) Create a new Pokemon with name Mrfarts, Go beyond your imagination, any medium you can use. See our front page to see our attempt too.
2) Upload the image in deviantart put it name "Mrfarts Pokemon challenge
add hashtags : #mrfarts  #mrfartspokemonchallenge #mrfartschallenge #mrfartsInc
3) Send it to us through note.

Dead Line -  30th March 2015

Make it awesome, lets make a new Pokemon called Mrfarts :D

  • First Prize - 1000 points to the winner
  • Second Prize - 500 points
  • Third prize and Fourth Prize - 250 Points
  • Participation Prize - 20 Points to everybody

Favorite this journal and lucky winner got another 500 points , loving it? Make it awesome, Good luck friends. Love you all. - mrfarts Inc

  • Mood: Joy

Why giving out points?

Sun Mar 1, 2015, 10:26 AM
Some people ask why we give out points? well, there was a time when mrfarts asked for 10 points, 5 points and note to some rich deviants.and now when we have points we love to share it with you all.but please note that dont just ask points with out any reason, or dont please ask for a big amount, we cant give big amount to everybody who ask, if we really think one deviant really  deserve , we will surely help. dont ever hesitate to ask. thats what friends are for, you can ask them with out any problem, and if they can help,surely true friends really help :hug: love you all - mrfarts Inc

Do not forget the way you come, if we forget that any time, please remind us. we are humans too :)

Video editor? YOutube editor?

Fri Feb 27, 2015, 6:54 AM
we are looking for someone to join us as video editors for our youtube channel.You will get paid as points in deviantart.below is the requirements.
1) Hobbyist in video editing
2) Ability to record video of Live wallpapers in mobile device.
3) Should have Android device

If you think you are able to do this, then send us message either here in deviantart or in skype (

Best of luck

NOTE: whoever got selected will be in mrfarts team and will get all benefits as a team member

Be Friends Everywhere

Sun Feb 22, 2015, 7:30 AM

MrFarts Contest: Find the Artists !!

Thu Feb 19, 2015, 7:18 AM
This is a special contest, Hope you will like below :

1)Lucky 2 winners will get 500 point
2)All participants will get 10 point each

1)Find a Deviant or more, who make awesome deviations still getting very less support in deviant-art.give their Deviant-art link here

That's all , you are done, easy right? don't take this as just a contest, we really need to support those who deserve it.if we help each other we all will be happy and united and we can make the difference everywhere.lets be a deviant-art family and find those awesome deviants :hug: Love you all

"We raise by lifting others"
"we Artists are United"

we are in skype - (only for 18+)

  • Mood: Love
Hope everybody got 5 points each, so tired right now XD have a nice day. thanks for all you all :heart:

Below is the list of those awesome deviants :hug:
:iconties:   :iconrt912:   :iconanantaphoto:   :iconxxxhound-of-hellxxx:   :iconlonelyfullmoon:   :icondrag0n-mistr3ss:   :iconk-naille:   :iconsynersignart:   :iconbilldipshipper19:   :iconroseyart:   :iconnurmuzdalifah:   :iconoskua:   :iconkamari-inuzuka:   :iconnicjomo:   :iconmechatrain150:   :iconvampireninjabunnies:   :iconkiyan200:   :iconmemyselfandmaddy:   :iconrabbit-chainsaw:   :icon13z-stars:   :iconnuii700:   :iconalborato4:   :iconcnpika:   :iconxxpurplehedgiexx:   :icongreendayfan457:   :iconajforpresident:   :iconklsenko:   :iconmoonnyx:   :iconsonic-fan17:   :icontrejowauk:   :iconpurplepheonix23:   :iconcinnamelon:   :icondaughterofmaat:   :iconenmismanima:   :iconprimalfuryan:   :iconrex888:   :iconrhodart:   :iconrandomzone:   :iconthewolfbunny:   :iconpalooka120:   :iconhotspirit:   :iconvinsi143:   :iconsonniejaye:   :iconpoisndartdragoon:   :iconthepopping:   :iconnatsumi-asamilla:   :iconslayer-wolf28:   :iconham-b0ne:   :iconlevi-ackerman-heicho:   :icontheanticat:   :iconsparkle-photography:   :iconraracloe:   :iconruuma:   :iconoynxwolf:   :iconartisticwolflove:   :iconshineelover009:   :iconfunkiferret:   :iconcrow1789:   :iconfiesoke:   :iconhowlforlife:   :iconrukyschocoxhugs:   :iconrisenwarri0r78:   :iconlaurosaurus:   :iconyukiatem12:   :icon8-bitnyx:   :iconlittledrawing:   :iconmysticstar-nichan:   :iconxistarify:   :iconm-angel05:   :iconreshlrlam:   :iconredsorafox:   :iconcloudwolfwarrior:   :iconmichal266:   :iconsn-0wheart:   :iconkittykatswell777:   :iconstivkobra997:   :icondeliriumisbliss:   :iconi3ringmichheim:   :icongamegurlunleashed:   :icondarkness199:   :iconhelios485:   :icontrainertimpani:   :iconcinnamon1209:   :iconzerkwolf:   :iconanorexianevrosa:   :iconxkatsuex:   :iconrokoshay:   :iconjawaboxereod:   :iconzyndanei:   :iconperunium-ursogulo:   :iconepicmickeyx:   :icongriellaanime:   :iconrexart35:   :iconreshiramandsuicune:   :iconwario6010:   :iconwolfstar113:   :iconcosmo-dog:   :iconkat-attack01:   :iconcardigirl28:   :iconjack12321:   :iconmaximanxd:   :iconehlinn:   :iconsandadoragon-nina:   :iconitaly-chibitalia:   :iconhetaliagirl101:   :iconraddily:   :iconshadarialover04:   :iconsparkliediamondtiara:   :iconrainbowkitty97:   :iconcoyotekiller1:   :iconscarabscorner:   :iconleticiaprestes:   :iconthetyphlosionmaster:   :iconyani98:   :iconsharka121:   :iconcannonmatt:   :icontfa-paulino:   :iconwhitelight24:   :iconflowerpower71:   :icontydal-wave:   :iconmapleleaf775:   :iconcaroline1539:   :iconxsparkzerox:   :iconvisionthefox:   :iconmegashadowmew:   :icon1bookfish:   :iconkangarue-xx:   :iconsc3chcintr0n:   :iconannobethal:   :iconokamilota:   :iconkatsur:   :iconledacek:   :iconhunter-94:   :iconjackiehorse:   :icondratini12:   :iconnalulove3:   :icons0ulartist:   :icongraffiti-blaze:   :icondaytonabot:   :iconxxsolarsilverxx:   :icondragurdite:   :iconkarciadastardly:   :iconnootaz:   :iconkamygg-chan:   :iconshootingstarblue:   :icondrgonlance36: 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Lets spread some love to everybody in deviant art. Lucky deviant will get 1000 points, join enjoy the valentines day, make your lovers happy.

1) Just send this as valentine for your loved ones MrFarts Valentine Day special : Dambo Style by MrFarts
2) comment and favorite here, that's all :hug:

Love you all

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Valentines Day? Plans?

Fri Feb 13, 2015, 10:19 AM
So what is your plan for This Valentines Day....??
MrFarts Plan
1) Preparing a Valentine art image
2) Plan for free point give away
3) Feature some cool valentines Day images

tell us about you ^^ we are curious to know !!

Skype Us at : (18 plus only)

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PART 2 :
How to win points (500 points +250 points + 100 Points) easy
1) Add us ( in skype (Read rules below - Only add if you are 18 plus)
2) give your deviantart name there so that we can pick the Lucky winners fast.
Thanks for kind words , Love you all.

Part 1: "Success formula : Know the Artists"
any people ask us, why mrfarts have lot of watchers, why so much popularity for this mediocre artworks? why why why? Reason  is
When Mrfarts started in deviant-art, we had spend time (more than that required to make artworks) to Know Deviants, it was a whole new experience, we don't really want to just advertise and upload our works and enjoy the number of favorites it is getting, we believe in more than just that. we believe in Unity, we believe in ultimately

"We Raise By Lifting Others" - this has been always our policy. Try it, success will be yours.

we cant get united with out knowing each other, here in deviant art its limited. we had seen a lot artists, who are depressed,alone,(more worst case).Its a truth that we have faced more hurt from few people, just because we took them close to our heart.they call us and trusted a lot".
we tried to avoid social contact from what happened before sometimes, but its a major part, we have plans, we have ideas, we have ideas that is more than just artworks and paintings, we have an aim of future world united by artist, may be we will fail, may be we will marked as stupids on internet.But at-least we have tried, did you? did you tried anything other than watching TV? or enjoying a song? or Loving your pet? or you want to do more than that? than join us, Join this Pokemon called "MrFarts" know each other.
Join us in Skype -(Skype ID is
a) Due to things happened before few months, Please only add mrfarts, if you are above 18 year old (deep sorry, all other contacts will be blocked by us)
b) You can share artworks,your commisions etc etc can talk about any problems there.
c) We will be selecting Three Deviants from first 50 contacts, and they will awarded 500 points,250 points and 100 points each.

Come Lets Join our hands, lets make World more united by we Artists.
 Love you all - Mrfarts

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JOB 1 : English Lover

Sun Feb 8, 2015, 9:21 AM
We are really amazed by your response to join MrFarts team,we got 100 plus notes yesterday, Which lead us to create this new journal narrowing the requirement again, so we will be creating separate journal for each jobs, and please note if you really feel you meet all the requirements.
Minimum requirements
1) Well English knowledge ( lets say amazing word power)
2) Self confidence create awesome articles
3) Experience in editing Wikipedia articles, encyclopedia dramatica articles with humor, blogs etc..
So you think you are capable of playing around with words? then note MrFarts, you got an awesome JOB

Love you all for all support you are giving, thanks :hug:

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We are Hiring (Jobs Open)

Sat Feb 7, 2015, 8:57 AM
We are looking for eligible Deviants for following requirements.

1) Deviant Who is good in making Online Articles ( in English, especially for Wikipedia , Encyclopedia, Blogs etc)
2)  Deviant who is good at finding appropriate Artists in Deviantart who need help and support, also may be joining mrfarts team.
3) Deviant who is good at managing social side things like chats,skype,facebook pages etc... Also to donate points to pending contests..(Points will be provided by MrFarts)
4) If you think you are eligible as an artist to join MrFarts, feel free to note.

You will be get paid enough in points for each simple tasks you do, Please just note if you are interested. Thanks.

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WHY World? What happened?

Tue Feb 3, 2015, 9:59 AM
Don't understand what is wrong with our current world, everytime we watch news its news about cheating,killing,rape all kind of negative news, WHY?
Every thing seems wrong right now,we do need a change right? people who did good things for all the time, next moment they became bad people, everybody became against them.Then those attention seekers who do anything to get attention, then those depressed people, and those bullies ( enough of them) , we cant change this?

Just consider we are mutants, seriously we artists are better people right now in this world.I am happy to see people who spend their time to draw things they love, edit things they love, create things they love.You guys are best. But we need to be united for a better world. or to put an artist touch in every humans life.
This world really need Artists right now. else it will explode, it will explode because of lack of smiles, lack of respects, lack of feelings.... we need to take our artworks out of paper, we need to start drawing in peoples life, we need to add colors to peoples life.we need to start a creating a world of Artists.

Earth with out art is just an eh......its so true

sorry for enough blah blah, but seriously we wish to do something real in this world rather than uploading few artworks and counting its favorites. we need to be united.tell your opinions.....Love you all MrFarts

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Free Points No Rules (TIME OVER)

Sun Feb 1, 2015, 10:03 AM
SO FAST really Surprising !! Keep in touch for next one

Follow MrFarts all here

THANKS to everybody
We Raise by Lifting Others

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MrFarts : Official Changes

Tue Jan 27, 2015, 6:58 AM
We are sad to announce that our Technical pillar (Mohd Raoof) is leaving deviantart because of personal matters.
He was the guy who made this account, when he created this account just like any other hobbyist, he never expected it will reach 51,000 plus watchers.according to me he was an Ideal Hobbyist.
He is the Guy behind 3Dworks,"Natural Angry Bird Series", He is the developer head of our Application Team, He started the Live wallpaper and created games like "HapiCuti","Planet Jumpers". He is the Guy who teached me the photoshop actions, How to automate editing. He is always a real inspiration for me and my team. We will miss you. and We are sorry if we ruined something on the social end and we know it really hurt you personally. He was the technical pillar for us. We will miss you my friend. We love you. May GOD Bless you and have all Good luck in future.

Official Declaration
1) He is No more legal owner of this account , Changed mail,password everything all with his request and permissions.
2) All his works will be removed , and those which I edited and all 2D works,will be re-uploaded in new Copyright soon.
3) He will not be the Developer head any more for our Live wallpaper and Games, All apps will be soon updated with new copyrights.

About the MrFarts Team Now
1) Well we are a bunch of hobbyists right now(only few) from different part of world. I hope we will continue what we did before.
2) We have still Water drop photography,Little Super hero series, Kitty edits, all those Macros.
3) We just Edits whatever we are interested at.
4) We don't know about new games or Live wallpaper ( Since its costly stuff with out a developer like him) but we will try
5) We are thinking about getting more people into our team (which includes Anime Artist, 2d Artist many plans ahead)

Please tell your opinions on what next we should do, Currently we are Aimless Hobbyist with a bunch of talents in our hands. We will really miss you man. We are really thankful for letting us stay here.Thanks a lot and Bye

I hope our Quote is still same
"We Raise By Lifting Others" Love you all - Mrfarts

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