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Mrfarts seriously XD

Tue Apr 15, 2014, 6:40 AM
It was just another normal day,
         Suddenly a friend appeared in skype...
   Mrfarts, Do you wanna see bench i made?
- Adorable bench i never noticed a bench in my life XD

It was just another bad day,
Suddenly a friend appeared......
Hey mrfarts, do u wanna see my family?
- Entire family talks to me ,feels i am one of them ^^

It was just another happy day,
Suddenly a friend appeared and she started crying..
-Finally we both end up Crying, but she started smiling friendship was Born :D

It was just another day,
suddenly a friend appeared and told me to be with her...
I cant believe i was with her on her entire school Trip XD

Seriously dont know why.... you all take me atleast for a few seconds to be part of your life...I still feel so special my dears.. LOVE YOU ALL SERIOUSLY....

HAPPY,or anything  if u need
I will be there,
May be i cant solve ur problems
but atleast i can cry with you
Love you all

Mrfarts (seriously sorry for my bad english, i hope language is not even a problem when minds talk)

SKYPE ID - Raufda

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Feature space (OPENED)

Mon Apr 14, 2014, 10:08 AM

Its been a while since i did opened the feature space, So here is it opened for everybody.Last time they got a lot watchers

How it works? ( to those who are new to this term)
  • featured guys will be put as rule to watch in my point give away where 10 points will be given to everybody, Result is a LOT WATCHERS for you and POINTS for them.

How can i get into feature space?
  • Donate 100 plus points
 (u can view the feature space in my profile on top and ensure u are added there)

What if it didn't worked as expected?
you can note me that you did get as much watchers as u expected and your whole points will be returned back :hug:

This is Not for me its for you as thanks to all Ur support for me ,Love you all :heart:

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DAY 8 - ???? ( MAY BE YOU)
DAY 7 -  :iconhp621:
DAY 6 -  :iconcookie-minix:
DAY 5 -  :iconnootaz:
DAY 4 -  :iconmyers30534:
DAY 3 - :iconenhar:
DAY 2 - :iconbuttskittles:
DAY 1 -

This is a special Contest for fun,
I will be selecting lucky winner each day giving out 100 points to winner..
You only have to enter this journal one time and you will be in the lucky that u will be added to list on 10 days lucky selection.. So total of 1000 points will be given out..

HOW to enter

1) Favorite this Journal
2) Just go to this link… and click on gplus button
Untitled-4 by MRFarts
3) Install it and comment on it (do not comment ur Deviantart name there )

Love you all mrfarts

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Mon Apr 7, 2014, 9:24 AM
HEY AWESOME BUDDIES, thanks for every support and care, they can only remove an app, They cant take my  dreams..Published HapiCuti again with new level added and more stuffs soon....Lets Show them OUR POWER , They took our app down, and lets show we can put it back.

PLEASE DOWNLOAD,RATE AND GPLUS Our HapiCuti and make the little guys happy and make adorable Sound again on whole Play store..



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They Removed my HapiCuti

Sat Apr 5, 2014, 7:13 AM
They never knew it was my Months hard work, They never knew it was my dream, They never knew that was by hope...... All they knew is to remove my Game hapiCuti saying i tried to copy other game when too many apps are still there in Google play with name flappy , floppy, flippy etc........
HapiCuti Android game by MRFarts



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Golden Tomatoes

Tue Mar 18, 2014, 10:30 AM
Note:first of all, Sorry if my English goes wrong :)

There is a place where people used to throw the rotten tomatoes, no body really love to go there or to clean it or even see if anything pretty is inside that place. One day people noticed some pretty fresh tomatoes are grown there they stand high and was so in pure red and they are so fresh..most of all they are tasty......
They called those golden tomatoes even though they are same like other tomatoes.

Like that as Artist, Photographers ( i prefer to call Deviants), You don't need to be extra ordinary talented guys to be some golden Artist or Deviants... All u should need is a mind to work or do whatever you love.

Enough blah blah  i think XD , whatever i did write this journal because i saw people get bored because no body see their works.. I know its sad... but i really love to do something for you guys...

I remember i was so happy when i got my first llama on my second month, and i was more happy when my first deviation got 32 favorites after 6 months.. :) i never stopped and i dont think i can stop what i love to do... its me and its what i am....

Btw  if I start something to expose works of those golden tomatoes in Deviantart.. will u join to find those works? sure everything is possible if we are united......

A big hug if u read the full Journal XD ( i know its boring..) but i love u guys a lot.. i mean a lot to yaa..


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10 points to 170 Deviants(CLOSED)

Mon Mar 3, 2014, 7:58 PM

Just watch 5 of them and Comment their names here,and  have 10 points (only for first 170 comments)



NOTE: Add mrfarts on skype(raufda) One Lucky Skype friend will be added to the feature space each time.This time lucky watcher is

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Winners of Both Contests- CONGRATZ

Sat Mar 1, 2014, 9:54 AM
Thanks for everybody who supported me by a lot entries for this contest ^^ .so here is winners.
Winner of Cute Game Character Contest  is
Mrfarts comp entry by AnimePhe0nix by :iconanimephe0nix:
Winner of Cute Scene Contest is
Cutest Scene Contest by jewel1o1 by :iconjewel1o1:

Congrats to All who participated these winner will get 1000 points by mrfarts. Love you all.. thanks for all support you guys given me..thanks :hug:

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Short Listed Entries

Sat Feb 22, 2014, 9:44 AM

Thanks for every body to join the contest, here is the short listed entries, I am sure it was difficult to choose since every body give cute ideas and so cool ideas. So i selected some of them best suited for my game requirement and from this i will select the winner, Please feel free to say which one u like more ^^ Love you all :heart:

Snowy the puff ball by immasweetslovinggirlCute-Flying-Contest by artdeeb96design entry by BienooContest - RO or Rainbow/Robot Owl by xNature-lighTxBomb Holders ADOPTS: Name your price {OPEN} by PolkaParadisegame character design contest submission by NellLimContest entry creature 01 by Cyan-PixelBURD by DuskWolfAtDawn<da:thumb id="433702074"/>Game Character Contest by manu-channBee Bomb by CandyMountainClimberGame Character Contest by KittykatMWusterContest Entry by Ainsel91Game Character Contest Submission by tintinologistmimiBirdie by CherrychinCute Dragon for Contest by pipluppachirisuMrfarts comp entry by AnimePhe0nixMr.Farts Character contest entry! by Corvus-melori

Skin CSS © Nesmaty

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" MORE THAN 65 ENTRIES ^^ THANKS A LOT , still wanna participate fast ? you are welcome "

Here is all contest entries i got, Really happy that i got many sweet and cute designs and thanks for participation.Love you all my friends..if i miss anybody in this please feel free to send me i am going to select few among this and put it as poll next day :hug: if your work is not here please note me, i may  not see all of them.. thanks <3

[Contest Entry] Chibi Characters by ApplemintArtsGame Character Contest Entry by MadHattress77Fayreee by kadagasaRefthing By Scarlettthedarkwolf-d76zksu by MRFarts

Mr.Farts Character contest entry! by Corvus-meloriVia (for a contest) by FireReinsStudioContest entry by BlackAngel165Panda Prisoner by CuppycukeQuick little contest entry *REVISED* by PixlGoldCow- For MRFarts' Contest by XiaoDarkCloudGaming Character Final by ReshiramandsuicuneBomb Holders ADOPTS: Name your price {OPEN} by PolkaParadiseMr.Farts Game Character Design by Chitan322game character design contest submission by NellLim<da:thumb id="434296047"/>Character Project-Mr.Quck Pants by AskMikuandLuka101BURD by DuskWolfAtDawnMik Mik the lab mouse by 6gunSallyThingy... by Silene-NocturnaFlying mini cubes by Michi-desugame character contest entries #1 by MayuWolfBee GAme Design Contest Thingy by nitwit17a thing by asdfwafflesCharacter by NarcolepticCrowThe flying squirrel by BJzenCute birdy creature by Vanthica~Cute Winged Creature Contest~ by WhiteWolf0798Game Character Contest Entry by Purple-RandomnessContest Entry by Ainsel91Contest Entry (Mr. Ruffles) by Whltewolfi

Game Contest Entry by WolfyDragonloverGame Character Contest Submission by tintinologistmimiUltimate Contest Entry by evilsushicatBombing Bird character contest by mockingjaysingerChubby Mascot by Werewolfe1CE: Birdy by toadettegal-tkContest entry creature 01 by Cyan-PixelKitty by CherrychinBirdie - more ideas by CherrychinBirdie by CherrychinSkyswimmer by abi-mGame Character Design Contest Entry! by axelwingCE: MRFarts Game Character Contest by Kamari-InuzukaCute-Flying-Contest by artdeeb96Contest Entry by SapphyriahGaming Character Sketch by ReshiramandsuicuneMonster For Comp by robyntaylorPandgie and Lifts. by PinkBlueAndFeariouseGame Character Contest by manu-channCute Dragon for Contest by pipluppachirisumochi to the rescue! by Lm12Project E.X.A Ref by J5uGame Character Contest by DonArt99Cute Flying Creature *entry* (update) by Tabby909Mrfarts comp entry by AnimePhe0nixContest Birdie (update 2) by IrrisichiContest - RO or Rainbow/Robot Owl by xNature-lighTxEntry - Super Happy Pig by ZeroArtsUkBirds for Farts by Potter4meGame Character Contest by KittykatMWusterSnowy the puff ball by immasweetslovinggirlMRFarts Entry by ScarlettthedarkwolfDesign Contest by keyaceGame Character Concept [MRFarts] by DrawingPowerGame character contest entry by girldoesdrawingBomb's away! by ALert4SpoilersLittle beast by birdie16Bee Bomb by CandyMountainClimber<da:thumb id="433702074"/>The Vizzoo by Michael-StrangeContest entry for MRFarts by edoddandoddMitty, (MrFarts contest entry) by Kittygames50Aditions for a contest by shadythedarkDraft 1 character design MRFarts Game by FFKHMonMrFarts Contest Entry by sonic-chic1design entry by BienooPeppy by cargirl9

Skin CSS © Nesmaty

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So prepare for a cute contest with some cute characters.. So here is the Details about character

I THINK MANY HAD CONFUSED on character so here is i am clearing it , Its for Game so it should be small and cute like an icon character, here is an example, (dont try this one though lol , its my worst design)

Untitled-4 by MRFarts

NOTE: Character is CUTE LITTLE FLYING WINGED CHARACTER ( eg: Flappy Bird, Angry Bird,little Dragon  (not pixelated though))

STORY of character

Hope everybody know mrfarts Game is in developement, So i love to have my deviant-art family involved in it. Our character is a flying character with wings , Character is escaping form a Laboratory where bad guys use them to have tests and to make weapons with them. So when our character escapes there is an equipment on its body or head. on third hit on obstacles the equipment will Blast, So aim of game is to Fly through obstacles with out hitting any where and keeping the equipment cool. So that's the story, Now Prepare the idea of character and win the points. Here is some rules.


  • Character is cute little flying with wings (bird, Owl, or any other as wish) not human
  • Cutest creature
  • Equipment(Bomb) is attached to character
  • Last date is Feb - 15 , Send me through note
  • It should be colored ( any medium can be used)

Winner will Get

1000 Points and Will be Credited in our game as Character designer or Concept artist ( show your friends your work on real Android Game )

:heart: Love you all Mrfarts , Gudluck :heart:

Skin CSS © Nesmaty

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Are you so dreamy and pretty imaginative ?, Chance to become Concept maker for mrfarts game , Here is the  Basic Idea ( similar to flappy bird with some surprises)…

Example : give story, change the obstacle to candles  and character to a fly passing in between :D

But we need another theme with same simple execution.

Imagine and Note me or comment here and you will be Credited in Game. Thanks

10 points to 200 Deviants(CLOSED)

Tue Feb 4, 2014, 7:16 AM

RULE is to watch 5 of them and Comment their names here,and  have 10 points.




NOTE: Add mrfarts on skype(raufda) One Lucky Skyper will added to the feature space each time.This time lucky watcher is

Feature space (OPENED)

Sun Feb 2, 2014, 7:29 AM

Once again Feature space is Open for everybody. Try it you wont regret :hug:

How it works?
  • featured guys will be put as rule to watch in my point give away where 10 points will be given to everybody, Result is a LOT WATCHERS for you and POINTS for them.

How can i get into feature space?
  • Donate 100 plus points
 (u can view the feature space in my profile on top and ensure u are added there)

What if it didn't worked as expected?
you can note me that you did get as much watchers as u expected and your whole points will be returned back :hug:

This is Not for me its for you as thanks to all Ur support for me ,Love you all :heart:

Skype is Awesome

Wed Jan 22, 2014, 9:54 PM

As part of knowing my watchers close. Welcome to mrfarts skype (raufda) ,  you can talk anything (ANY THING)  to me there anytime. Thanks.

NOTE: if u are cool enough to use cam, its much preferred :hug:

We raise by lifting others

Sat Jan 18, 2014, 6:53 PM
Being a deviant is not just about being artist, its about caring,loving,supporting and everything... I am sure i wont just get this much support if i was just uploading some artworks or photographs and just sit there. Instead , I was just inspired by some precious deviants who love to support other now with all this people around me i feel responsible at-least to do a part of what you guys did to me. There is no magic in making that much points although i remember i never buy any points from here..and points are nothing but some care , More we care more we feel special..

I believe i came with nothing and will return to with nothing but some memories finally, So everything is just between my travel.thanks.

So now its your turn.

  • Link a Deviation of another deviant which u think is so Talented but dont have enough exposure and that should be featured.
  • U will get 5 points for doing this.

Thanks love you all

5 Points to 150 Deviants (CLOSED)

Mon Jan 13, 2014, 1:26 AM


:iconnadoo91: :iconruuruu-chan: :iconinkyrose: :iconcatharina2: :iconanime-master-96: :iconlonelygabu: :iconporsheee: :iconkvdolan: :iconrikkuofhearts: :iconchasestarlit: :iconfreaky-dude: :icongyrhs: :iconr-j-s-king:

Watch 5 of them and Have 5 points 


Only for the first 150 Plus Deviants

NOTE: Add mrfarts on skype(raufda) and give ur gallery link, One lucky friend will be added in this list each time for free.

MRfarts Feature space (CLOSED)

Sat Jan 11, 2014, 8:49 AM
Feature Space open for every body( Point back guarantee)

Just Donate 

100 or more points

to my assistant account  and u will be added to feature space (u can view the feature space in my profile too)


Featuring is done by me and featured Deviants will added as Rules to my Point give away journal. Here is a short presentation on how it works

Feature Space by MRFarts

Best Donators list 2013

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 6, 2014, 9:55 AM

"Thanks for every body Who donated me and joined the points give aways with mrfarts , its almost 1,00,000 points now . Donations pools are still open and the points u will donate will be added to ur current Points and u will be placed on list according to it :hug:"   - thanks

:points: DONATE AND STAY HERE  :points:

:heart:TOP 10 DONATORS of all time:heart:


:heart:100 plus Donators :heart:

:iconspongecorn:=700:iconlj-phillips:=650:iconallthatsdoneforgiven:=525:iconvansc14:=469:iconcuzzacurry:=402:iconcaicyo:=360:icondonkfur78:=350:iconcharlesvane:=300:iconblack-nocturne:=230 :iconnikidaeve:=220:iconmelodyxiv:=210:iconredconvoy:=210 :iconinoriekay:=200  :iconswordsman9:=200:iconthelegofan:=200:iconwilder-trash:=200:iconinconcabille:=200:iconmspugluver:=200:icontimatimy:=200:icongriffinphillis:=200:iconsandramihai:=200:icona-pancake:=150 :icondigizoom:=150:iconmfm-photography:=150:icononii-chan93:=120 :icontheloneblackwolf12:=120:iconjwolf90:=120:iconadrasteia12:=110:iconkowwalska:=110:iconiamthemanwithglasses:=100:iconcrane-of-winter:=100 :iconmadmorumotto:=100 :iconleredbird:=100 :icondinoblood:=100 :iconaileen-victoria:=100 :iconmelodysummers:=100 :iconila-mae:=100  :iconalexisfane:=100 :iconpandinus:=100 :iconbaryonsweep:=100 :iconpablo666123:=100 :iconhickepop:=100  :iconcharityryan:=100 :iconsludgy:=100 :iconbeartamerallen:=100 :icondenekawa:=100 :iconsaturnmoonco:=100 :iconlonewolf23pro:=100 :iconhelenavdf:=100 :iconjahpickney:=100  :iconj-styles75:=100 :iconkassanovas:=100 :iconpoichanchan:=100 :iconkl-ypso:=100:iconyuitokanika:=100 :iconsoulnova:=100 :icongdprince:=100 :iconchaoticfluffball:=100 :iconlittlexdashie:=100 :iconjeffprice:=100 :iconrareamx:=100 :iconfairy-nature-lover:=100 :icon1xladedax1:=100 :iconmanuelzart:=100 :iconmastersaruwatari:=100 :iconaltruistpup:=100 :iconlizardbat:=100 :icondiebro210:=100 :iconmermaid-melly:=100 :iconnedrian:=100 :iconpenguinfluffypants:=100 :iconpedlag:=100 :icons1nnerwolf-666:=100 :icon1mitsymoo:=100 :iconrobert-eede:=100  :iconhakuyowaneforlife:=100 :iconasinglepetal:=100 :iconlongliveraka:=100 :iconangiepureheart:=100 :iconatlasartifex:=100 :iconruwich:=100  :iconprincess-coco-154:=100 :iconfluffylink:=100 :iconfelosoraptor:=100 :iconchrismday:=100 :iconmichaela-teh-ninja:=100 :iconmarushi-dracul:=100  :icontheduckster:=100 :iconphydeau:=100 :iconwolverine041269:=100 :iconlei808:=100 :iconhtblack:=100 :icondaz1200:=100 :iconveska3if:=100 :iconghostoftheopera:=100 :iconkizunayui-studios:=100:iconmr-roth:=100:iconeecoli:=100:iconbostonology:=100:iconbellicosemars:=100:iconshadow-bahar:=100:iconshadowcatprime:=100:iconredzephyre89:=100:iconperry321:=100:icontimatimy:=100:iconxautumnbliss:=100:iconmonaeberhardt:=100

1000 Point to Lucky Watcher(CLOSED)

Thu Jan 2, 2014, 9:27 AM
Congratulations to the winner
Lucky Deviant is :iconruuruu-chan:

So as I Promised I am going to make 2014 in Action with support and give aways and helps.So lets Play game and earn points.
So a Lucky watcher is Going to get 1000 Points.All you have to do is to follow rules.


To get Free 10 Points Outside this giveaway.Feel free to participate here… . Thanks