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MrFarts : Official Changes

Tue Jan 27, 2015, 6:58 AM
We are sad to announce that our Technical pillar (Mohd Raoof) is leaving deviantart because of personal matters.
He was the guy who made this account, when he created this account just like any other hobbyist, he never expected it will reach 51,000 plus watchers.according to me he was an Ideal Hobbyist.
He is the Guy behind 3Dworks,"Natural Angry Bird Series", He is the developer head of our Application Team, He started the Live wallpaper and created games like "HapiCuti","Planet Jumpers". He is the Guy who teached me the photoshop actions, How to automate editing. He is always a real inspiration for me and my team. We will miss you. and We are sorry if we ruined something on the social end and we know it really hurt you personally. He was the technical pillar for us. We will miss you my friend. We love you. May GOD Bless you and have all Good luck in future.

Official Declaration
1) He is No more legal owner of this account , Changed mail,password everything all with his request and permissions.
2) All his works will be removed , and those which I edited and all 2D works,will be re-uploaded in new Copyright soon.
3) He will not be the Developer head any more for our Live wallpaper and Games, All apps will be soon updated with new copyrights.

About the MrFarts Team Now
1) Well we are a bunch of hobbyists right now(only few) from different part of world. I hope we will continue what we did before.
2) We have still Water drop photography,Little Super hero series, Kitty edits, all those Macros.
3) We just Edits whatever we are interested at.
4) We don't know about new games or Live wallpaper ( Since its costly stuff with out a developer like him) but we will try
5) We are thinking about getting more people into our team (which includes Anime Artist, 2d Artist many plans ahead)

Please tell your opinions on what next we should do, Currently we are Aimless Hobbyist with a bunch of talents in our hands. We will really miss you man. We are really thankful for letting us stay here.Thanks a lot and Bye

I hope our Quote is still same
"We Raise By Lifting Others" Love you all - Mrfarts

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So yeah Here is the list of those lucky Deviants, Congratulations, and thanks for everybody who participated in the Mrfarts United Artist Contest , Yeah seriously, you guys are awesome, we all are united and we are Artists.Love you all - MrFarts

:iconplotbunnyvictim: (given 3 months Premium)
:icondianavvolf: (you should try some Casino right now because your number came two times, even though you can only win one time)(given 500 Points)
:iconrhavendc: (given 3 months Premium)
:iconartistloading: (given 3 months Premium)
:iconfranceypantsupanda: (given 3 months Premium)
:icontomboyishsoniclover: (given 3 months Premium)
:iconyamii-chann: (given 500 Points)
:iconnightangel-16: (given 500 points)
:iconshad0wfeevke: (given 3 months Premium)
:iconeskewolf406: (given 500 points)
:iconjitterbitter: (given 500 points)
:iconitsukisakura: (given 500 points)

PS: Please note me if you want 3 Month Premium or 500 Points( i will be give 500 by default). Keep your Vows we made together, be united. be Awesome , Love you all - MrFarts

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A wise man can learn more from his enemies than a fool from his friends

I felt Inspired by many things in my life.One of thing i am still learning is how to deal with haters. and today i feel better, I saw  Movie Rush today. It give me some good inspiration, So i am putting it all together so that somebody facing problem from haters or enemies and feeling depressed just like me (not now , in last month)
Here is my points
1) This is internet, anybody can Abuse anybody if they want.If you want to learn to deal with it, just look at Politicians,Film Actors etc etc.. they all are having the Abuse problem from all their haters.They dont care really, because they Realized it before us and that's why they are now Proud and became famous.
2) If someone is spreading some bad news or anything about you, Consider it as a free advertisement.Don't care about reputation.Because after all people love for what we are currently doing to them.
3) Don't try to prove to someone who try to prove we are wrong.Live your life happy and awesome.

I know this is boring journal.But i feel like i should share what i feel right now.because somebody out there is trying to harass or abuse someone and don't let them make your mood bad.because our life depends on what we feel right now. and Be positive and help each other

"We Raise By Lifting Others" -MrFarts Love you all


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Contest Deadline :  Jan 15 2015
TOTAL 300+ Participants until Now (20 Deviants will win 500 points for sure)

20 Winners Will get 500 Points or 3 Months Premium membership (which ever they prefer)

(Strictly follow the FIVE rules below - FOLLOW EACH OF RULES EXACTLY or you will be disqualified)

RULE 1) Create a Journal and Copy the Below words Exactly, Do not remove anything from this.  copy entire part from the below box and paste it in your journal

Here is my vow to you
" I am an Artist and Deviant art is my Big Family
I love to support all Artists irrespective of country,religion,color
I believe we all are one and we support each other
Say no to Cyber bullies, Say no to Racism, Say no to Art theft
Say no to everything that hurt people
I believe word will be better place when we start smiling each other and helping each other
I will continue my Art even if i get busy.
I love Deviantart and Thank you Deviantart for keeping us United."
We Raise by Lifting Others

Be happy !! Lets Inspire each other, Lets Make Some ART !!

This is a part of "We Artists are United project"  created by :iconmrfarts: and :iconanne1956:

RULE 2) Journal title should be Strictly same as below

COPY THIS TITLE -   MrFarts - (We Artists are United) Challenge

RULE 3) Copy Your Journal link Here

RULE 4) Mention 10 of your Friends here in comments

RULE 5) Favorite this journal

Here is a Reference if you are confused - MrFarts - (We Artists are United) Challenge )Here is my vow to you
" I am an Artist and Deviant art is my Big Family
I love to support all Artists irrespective of country,religion,color 
I believe we all are one and we support each other
Say no to Cyber bullies, Say no to Racism, Say no to Art theft
Say no to everything that hurt people 
I believe word will be better place when we start smiling each other and helping each other
I will continue my Art even if i get busy.
I love Deviantart and Thank you Deviantart for keeping us United." 
We Raise by Lifting Others
Be happy !! Lets Inspire each other, Lets Make Some ART !!
This is a part of "We Artists are United project"  created by :iconmrfarts:and :iconanne1956:

That's it, you are Done.Spread our vow and help each other in future, Make more Artworks. Love you all - mrfarts

" We Raise By Lifting Others "

This Project is done by me and my dear friend :iconanne1956: she is super awesome you know

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List of winners who will get 1 month premium

Big Contest coming soon (Project Unity of Artists) . keep in touch :hug:

Inspired by this Journal
You May Say I'm An Artist...

This journal is just a promotion to an upcoming big contest. And will be Aimed at Unity of Artists and Deviant-art family. More details coming soon. keep in touch.Winners will be announced tomorrow.

This project will be done by
me and :iconanne1956:
I wish we can together do something in deviant art and share the love with in our deviant art family.

How to win this
1)  Favorite this journal
2) Mention 10 of your best friends in deviant art in this format :iconDeviant-namehere:

That's it. Love you all

" We Raise by Lifting Others"

PS: we are inspired by things happening around us, I am inspired by some special people in my life. So i want to do the same for you guys. Be inspired Inspire others. Love you all - mrfarts

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This looks little confused to me, but i got a Business person in contact (an Art Lover too) , He is saying he want to sponsor me in future.
1)   He want to buy my whole app team (in Google play)
2) He want to take ownership copyright of the name Mrfarts (legally)
3) He want to sponsor me a good camera and a lot of projects in future.

Since i am just an extreme Hobbyist. I would like to know your opinion on this. Will it be good decision?

many more plans he said. By the way, he is a genuine guy (Since he came directly to meet me at Singapore) , I will be moving out to US soon if i start working with him. Please let me know your views on the same.

Thanks love you all...

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HAPPY New YEAR 2015 !!

Wed Dec 31, 2014, 10:10 AM
My dear Deviant art family,

Thanks for being with me in my good times and bad times, together we did many things here. we all are learning,growing and supporting each other. There is always some unity among deviant art Artists, which is unique for us Only.I have never seen such a wonderful community any where in my life. Love you all and thanks for being awesome friends. Good bye 2014.
2015 let it be a big happy new year for everybody here, let it be change for each of us, let it be filled with happiness and awesomeness.and forgive me if i hurt anybody through my words or speech.

Fill 2015 with your artworks and talents. Each of them are Special , All of you have special styles, special ways to make your own artworks. May all your plans work well for 2015. Love you all. Be happy support each other, we are Artists.

"We Raise by Lifting Others" - mrfarts

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I can see many of Talented writers among us, and i have to accept that the exposure they are getting is less when compared to Other artists.
I have crossed 50,000 watchers recently, so as a part am planning to try new area of of them i want to try is  Google Play Books .
So yeah am inviting all talented people.I would love to work along with them and give them an more exposure.Imagine your stories being read by all those million peoples who are using Android Devices. If you are really interested. Read the below points

  • You will be the owner of your stories and writings
  • You should give the publishing copyright in a legal way so that i can upload it to a common account
  • You should be the actual owner of the story
  • PDF or ePub Format will be required to publish
  • Cover picture and Title ( mrfarts will do )
  • All Advertisements for exposure by Mrfarts
  • If its a Paid Book, you will be getting paid.

Thats all my friends. if nobody is responding i will drop this plan :) At-least am trying , try different different things daily. may be this is a call for all Awesome writers who want to become a BIG writer in their future.

Love you all

"We Raise by Lifting Others"

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Since all of us are leaving 2014, make it an happy ending and start an awesome year 2015, Mrfarts Last feature for 2014 will be done on coming days. Planning to get the best artworks of 2014 that need support

All you have to do is
1) Share one deviation of another artist who you think need support.
2)  Share it in the comment in this journal.
3) Number of favorites for the deviation should be less than 50

That's all.Love you all
" We raise by lifting others "

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So Winner for the Premium is......

Thu Dec 25, 2014, 6:54 AM
 Thanks for the all support my dear friends. So the winners for the premium memberships are.

1) 1 Year Premium Winners (given by me) are
:iconcocopups: & :iconc4nn0n:
2) 1 Months premium winner (given by :iconsmokespy:) is
3) 3 Month premium winner (given by :iconsircassie:) is

Congratulations to the winners.Thanks all my dear friends. Hope you had an amazing Christmas ,enjoy well with your friends and family <3 Love you all

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one more premium Gift added
so as of now ..

1 Year Premium to 2 Deviants by :iconmrfarts:
1 Month Premium by  :iconsmokespy:
3 Month Premium by :iconsircassie:


:iconanne1956: Given me 1 year Premium OMG ^^ NOW I WILL GIVE 1 YEAR PREMIUM to 2 PEOPLE :hug:

1 Year Premium to 2 Deviants by :iconmrfarts:
1 Month Premium by  :iconsmokespy:
If you want to join here and spread happiness, you can... Do support by watching them.... Love you all

Original Journal
Hey my dear true friends....

Today i am planning to buy 1 year membership, so i am planning to give it to someone since this offer is there…

There are no rules, I am so happy  that many people cared a lot for me. there was a time in my life when i did my hobbies not to show to anybody but to make me happy myself. I came here with out anything. and I am confident that even if 10000 bullies come together. They cant destroy a hobbyist. may be they can defame, they can make me depressed. but ultimately Truth wins.Goodness exist. Love exist. So share your Love all over the deviant art.I don't  want to explain that again. since i already taken your precious time to waste for helping me.

If you are planning to buy a membership, then make someone be happy too in this Christmas time. So enjoy the holidays. Love your goodness, Help each other.

Just favorite this journal, and i will pick the 3 Lucky winners. Good luck

Btw If you are planning to Buy Premium membership, you can be a part of this give away, Just note me and we can even make this bigger

Love you all

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My 2015 Bucket List, Yours?

Wed Dec 17, 2014, 7:03 AM
2014 year i at my home, many things happened both good and bad. anyway its going to end soon. I wanna ask forgiveness to everybody if i hurt you anyway. Got many awesome friends, few haters and some cool partners for works.made my live wallpapers even more and now successfully going with total 1 million users.SO yeah here is my plans for 2015. I hope everything will be awesome incoming year.

1) More Big plans to support more artists in an effective way.
2) Ignore the haters ( i realize i am facing them more now a days)
3) More deviations,Live wallpapers, Games
4) Some Big Business deals :D
5) Learn for good English XD (really a big problem for me)

SO WHAT ARE YOURS? love to share it here? share ur ideas and awesome bucket list ^^

LOVE you all - mrfarts

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